All are familiar with a conventional copter, which has 2 blades to provide control and stability. Airhawk improves on the standard design with its 4 blades. The advantages to this AH003GR are obvious to one who operates the drone for even a short time. What's not obvious are the sophisticated sensors that are constantly monitoring the drone's position while in flight. Unbeknownst to the user, small corrections are being sent to each individual Blade enabling the Quadcopter to overpower flight detracting factors such as wind, flight Drift or close objects. Without these minute modifications, users may constantly struggle to maintain control of the aircraft. The flight hardware and smart self-regulations allow beginners and experienced Fliers alike to simply relax and enjoy the fun of flying. Innovative removable wheels featured on airhawk h-13 Nano Sioux provide hours of entertainment both indoors and outdoors, as the Quadcopter folls along surfaces. Flashing LED lights help top keep track of the copter as it lifts off once again to take flight. For 8 minutes, airhawk will fly, flip and roll before coming down for a landing. Strong safety guards surrounding each propeller provide a protective circle around each Blade, preventing in-flight wear and ensuring no damage is wrought during any collisions Roll across the floor, up the wall, across the ceiling and fly it back to Hover before you The sky's the limit when it comes to operating airhawk r-4 quadcopter. Due to its 4 blades, airhawk can be flown in any given direction with the easy-to-use remote 3D-flip stunts will bring flying to the next level and Amaze spectators. The 6-Axis design makes the Gyroscope adjustable, promoting flying stability and more intuitive Flies up to 200 feet

Airhawk H-13 Nano Sioux Quadcopter

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    (as of January 26, 2017 7:45 PM)